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Being a complete web site, anyone within your organization can gain the level of access you wish to grant them, all they'll need is access to the web. This means that there is no special software that you need to download to your computer, or pesky registration keys for multiple computers. Each member of your association has their own secure login name. WebReferee allows you to schedule referees with a single click. With everything done in real time, there is no need for your association to wait to hear what games they will be refereeing. WebReferee does it all. Click here to get your free preview.
Get an at a glance view of the days you have a game each month.
Get an at a glance view of all your games
See the exact time and place of your refereeing assignment
Then get a detailed view of all the games you have.
Track your availability to let your assigner know when you are available.
Easy availability tracking
Set yourself as unavailiable for specific times
Let your assigner know, to the minute, when you aren't available.
You can also book the entire day off.
Or set your entire day as unavailable
Keep yourself open for possible games
Or you can keep your entire day open for your assigner.
Keep track of your master schedule on the web.
Keep track of your entire associations games
Or print out the schedule for you to keep with you
Or print it off and bring the entire schedule with you.
WebReferee lets you print off each member of your association who has a schedule.
Print out your members schedules
Or simply email their schedules to them
You can email them their schedules as well.
Print out a receipt for each member, showing them exactly what games they did and how much they earned.
Simple billing receipts for all members
And associations that you referee for
Create receipts for the associations you referee for as well.
Keep track of the details for the associations you referee for.
Keep track of information about the associations you referee for
WebReferee allows you to easily select games
Track your game data based on a number of criteria of your choice.
WebReferee allows you to easily update game data with the most up to date information.
And update them with the most current information
Keep track of the members of your association
WebReferee also tracks all the details you could want to know about each member of your association.
WebReferee even has the capability to let your association assign themselves.
Allow your association to set their own schedules
With a single click your members can add themselves to a game
With your limitations on the number of games they can self-assign.
With WebReferee you will save both time and money by reducing the costly paperwork normally involved with assigning an entire association and by maximizing the referee's capability to look after themselves. Allow your association to do everything they've ever needed or even wanted to do. WebReferee does it all.