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WebReferee.net was founded by Liam Rice, a software developer by trade and a referee for 39 years. The initial concept began as a project in collaboration with the local association to help them manage referee assignments that were being assigned via telephone and a rudimentary database program to track their information. The Internet offered an opportunity to expand the original concept to a web-based service to provide greater flexibility to manage and maintain referee schedules.

Today, WebReferee.net offers a simple, user-friendly web-based service to administer, schedule and manage the activities for your referee association. It can also be used by game administrators to schedule games and time keepers. The service can also be associated with existing domain names used by your association.

The service enables you to assign an unlimited number of games and referees, automatic scheduling and email messages, affiliate login and 24 hours a day access. The service automatically matches referee skill to the game requirements. Referees have control over their own availability and geographic preferences. In the end, everyone saves time and headaches associated with referee scheduling.

The service is currently used by associations throughout the world.